Research emphasis and collaboration in Africa

Ph.D. (Birmingham, UK), 1995 School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

M.Phil. (Sheffield, UK), 1993 Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

B.Sc. (Cheng-Li, Taiwan), 1986 Department of Chemical Engineering, Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan

Prof. Ho specializes in environmental science emphasizing on water research. He conducts research in various aspects of water supply, water quality and treatment, and wastewater treatment. He is interested in other areas such as process design and optimization, and research trend and performance studies. Prof. Ho was the Guest Editor for Special Issue on: “Application of biosorbents on wastewater treatment” International Journal of Environment and Pollution (IJEP) and was a Member of Editorial Board of Bioresource Technology in 2008. He was the Executive Editor for Journal of Environmental Protection Science from 2006 to 2010, and the Executive Editor for Archives of Environmental Science since 2011 and the Chief Editor for American Chemical Science Journal since 2012; the Editor for International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health since 2014; a member of Editorial Advisor of Journal of Asian Scientific Research; associate editor of Editorial Advisor of Sky Journal of Journal of Soil Sciences and Environmental Management; and a Member of Editorial Board of Polish Journal of Environmental Studies since 2005; Environmental Engineering and Management Journal since 2009; Desalination and Water Treatment since 2009, Asian Journal of Chemistry since 2010, Journal of Materials and Environmental Science since 2011, Holistic Approach to Environment since 2011, ISRN Chemical Engineering since 2011, Journal of Sciences since 2011, Journal of Physical and Environmental Science Research since 2012, Journal of Waste Management since 2012, International Journal of Energy Engineering since 2012, Journal of Membrane Science & Technology since 2013, South African Journal of Science since 2013, World Journal of Methodology since 2013, International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research since 2013, Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry since 2014, Austin Journal of Hydrology since 2014, Chemical Sciences Journal since 2014, and Journal of Research in Biology since 2014.

Research Interests

v  Sorption Processes: Removal of heavy metals, ammonium and dyes by activated carbon and inexpensive sorbents such as zeolite, peat, fly ash, wood, pith, sugar cane, tree fern, Pinus sylvestris sawdust, orange peel, palm kernel fibre, and coconut copra meal biosorbents.

v  Bibliometric and research trend studies.

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