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Hungary (Bibliometric)

Szent Margit Kórhaz, Hungary

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Dr. Mihály B. Tapolyai

Dr. Tibor Fülöp

1.         Ho, Y.S., Tapolyai, M., Cheungpasitporn, W. and Fülöp, T.* (2023), A bibliometric analysis of publications in Renal Failure in the last three decades. Renal Failure, 45 (2), Article Number: 2241913.

2.         Ho, Y.S., Fülöp, T.,* Krisanapan, P., Soliman, K.M. and Cheungpasitporn, W. (2024), Artificial intelligence and machine learning trends in kidney care. American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 367 (5), 281-295.