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Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED) --1900-present

There were 59,187,893 publications which included 41,142,808 articles in the SCI-EXPANDED from 1900

Taiwan published 602,497 papers including 441,381 independent papers (non-internationally collaborative papers).

40 Taiwan independent publications have been cited 1,000 times or more from Web of Science Core Collection.

Data last updated 07 November 2021


Figure 1. Non-internationally collaborative publications (TC ³ 1,000) by year


Figure 2. Non-internationally collaborative publications (TC ³ 1,000) by total citations


Figure 3. Non-internationally collaborative publications (TC ³ 1,000) by citations per year


Figure 4. Non-internationally collaborative articles (TC ³ 1,000) by total citations in 2020


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