Trend Research Centre

Japan (Bibliometric)

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Prof. Satoh, H.

Dr. Lin, S.Y.

Nakazawa, K.

Sato, S.

Dr. Tamura, T.

Dr. Kurishima, K.

1.         Ho, Y.S.*, Satoh, H. and Lin, S.Y. (2010), Japanese lung cancer research trends and performances in Science Citation Index. Internal Medicine, 49 (20), 2219-2228.

2.         Ho, Y.S., Nakazawa, K., Sato, S., Tamura, T., Kurishima, K. and Satoh, H.* (2012), Cisplatin for small cell lung cancer: Associated publications in Science Citation Index Expanded. Oncology Letters, 5 (2), 684-688.

Kurume National College of Technology, Japan

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Prof. Hiroshi Tanaka

1.         Tanaka, H. and Ho, Y.S.* (2011), Global trends and performances of desalination research. Desalination and Water Treatment, 25 (1), 1-12.